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5 Local Tips For Planning Your Rotorua Holiday

Holiday planning can be a bit of a chore, but who better to tell you about the place you are visiting than the locals! Here are a few tips to help you on your Rotorua holiday. For more awesome tips check out our other Rotorua Holiday blogs.

Work Out How You’ll Get Around

The first thing to work out when you visit Rotorua is how you’ll get around to the places that you want to see. Being a tourist town there are plenty of options:

Transport To Make Your Holiday Easier
  • Busses – Rotorua has an excellent bus system which can take you to the main areas around town. You can
  •   find the locations, maps and timetables at the following link. If you have any trouble the Rotorua I-Site will be more than happy to help! https://www.baybus.co.nz/rotorua/rotorua-urban/
  • Taxis – There are several different taxi companies around Rotorua so you’ll see them all buzzing around town ready to take you to wherever you may want to go. If you want to call a taxi to save looking give Rotorua taxis a call on 0800 500 000
  • Tours – There are over 400 different tourist attractions in Rotorua and many of them will take you to various parts of the city. The Rotorua Duck Tour will take you to 3 majestic lakes for example. For a full list of tours see rotoruanz.co.nz.

Work Out How To Experience As Much As Possible

Rotorua has so much to offer and you don’t want to see just the forests or just the lakes etc. When you are planning your Rotorua itinerary make sure you are doing a wide range of activities. For a few ideas check out some of my other blogs there are some great ideas that will help you truly experience what Rotorua has to offer!

Locals Will Make Your Holiday SpecialMeet New People

The best way to find out what Rotorua has to offer and to truly enjoy your Rotorua holiday is to meet as many people as possible, share your experiences and create new memories with new people. There are many different bars, coffee shops and parks around town and because we are a tourist town both the locals and tourists tend to be very friendly and happy to help you with your Rotorua holiday. If you get stuck the friendly folk at the I-site will help you out, or come and chat to us at the Duck office.


Get Off The Beaten Track

Stunning Lakes To Make Your Holiday MemorableAsk the locals what they think is the best way to experience a Rotorua holiday. I myself have lived in Rotorua for some time and found some truly amazing things that have not really been advertised anywhere. As I’ve already mentioned the best way is to ask around but also check out my Rotorua Secret Spots blog to see some of my favourites!


Before You Leave Make Sure You Experience The Culture

Rotorua Culture You'll Experience on Holiday

There are many different cultural shows around town that can be experienced depending on your schedule. Many of our amazing cultural shows do a traditional Maori Hangi (dinner) along with a show but if you can’t make a dinner head down to Te Puia where you can experience geothermal activity and a Maori culture show at several different times during the day. Again see the Rotorua I-site for more information about cultural shows.


Good luck out there and if you need any friendly advice come and chat to the team at Rotorua Duck Tours, we will be happy to point you in the right direction to get the most out of your Rotorua holiday or take a look at our other blogs for more tips.


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