Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked hard to ensure that our guests and staff remain safe during COVID-19 level 1.

Check out our information sheet on COVID-19 safety information here

We do our best to run our tours on time but sometimes things happen on the road that is out of our control such as roadworks. Because of this we always ask you allow 15-20mins extra than the scheduled tour time. If you do have anything booked immediately after the tour please let the office know when you book.

Bring a camera!! You’ll see some amazing sights that we want you to keep forever. Make sure you also dress for the conditions. We have heaters, blankets and roll down sides but it is always better to be prepared with warm clothes on the cooler days.

Around the Duck store are parking meters which are $1 for 1 hour so this is the best option close to our store. If you want free parking you can park down towards the Polynesian Spa (5mins walk back to the store) or down towards the lakefront (10mins walk back to the store). Please make sure that you allow time to park and still arrive 15mins before your tour time.

Our vehicles have been converted fully to comply with strict New Zealand Land Transport Association (LTSA) and the Maritime Safety Authority (MSA) safety regulations. Our drivers also undertake a rigorous training programme designed to prepare them for any situations that may arise on the duck.

The only entry to the Ducks are a small staircase on the back of the vehicle, 6-8 steps. We are also able to assist people on and off the Ducks. We have had people in wheelchairs on the Ducks with no issues at all.

We are a vehicle that is designed to get wet! We run in all weather conditions, with clear roll down sides, blankets and heaters. However, we constantly monitor weather conditions using the latest online technology, and we also physically check the conditions if required. We will not enter the lake if waves are higher than 40cm or if conditions are extreme upon arriving at the lake.

You most certainly can! We do not recommend bringing hot food as the smell can be off-putting to other passengers but as long as you hold onto your rubbish then you can bring whatever you like.

On the shorter tour there is a chance for a bathroom break only, on the longer tour (time dependent) you will be able to jump off the Duck at Lake Tarawera and get some photos, dip your toes in the water and if the cafe is open you can get a coffee or ice-cream. The duration of these stops is at the discretion of the tour driver.

You will spend roughly 15mins on each lake, this may be a little longer if the tour is running to a good time.

  • Please notify us a minimum of 24 hours prior to your departure time to avoid cancellation fees.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of your departure time will be charged at 50% of the cost of your tour.
  • Cancellations less than 1 hour prior to the departure of your trip will incur the full price of the tour.
  • If you do not show up on the day, without notifying us, you will be charged the full price of the tour.
  • Rotorua Duck Tours will give a full refund in the event of a breakdown or unexpected halting of your trip.

General Rule for Cancellation:

• Cancellation fees for Rotorua Duck Tours are as follows:
• Minimum 24 Hrs to avoid cancellation Fees
• (Fees set at 50% of the cost of the trip)
• Cancellation 1 hour before trip will incur full price cancellation fee.
• No shows pay full price unless a sufficient reason can be given.
• Rotorua Duck Tours will give a full refund in the event of a breakdown.

Covid Cancellation Policy:

If your trip has changed due to Covid 19 we will, where possible transfer you to another tour date and time. If you have to cancel your trip because of the change in Alert Levels we will provide a full refund minus any credit card related fees.

Tickets may be refundable at the operator’s discretion.
Rotorua Duck Tours reserves the right to cancel or amend any tour for any reason and assumes no responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal equipment,
delays or irregularities which may occur in the operation of this business for whatsoever reason



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