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We’re an entrepreneurial lot (or maybe we’re just quackers!) After coming up with the idea for using Amphibious WW2 landing crafts to run Rotorua tours over christmas lunch one year, we went about putting our money where our mouth was and making it happen. 

Rotorua Duck Tours is the first, and still the only, company in New Zealand to provide the unique and exciting opportunity to explore a special part of New Zealand in an authentic amphibious WWII landing craft.

Meet our Staff

Family owned, family values

A real family affair, Rotorua Duck Tours is owned by brothers Peter and Trevor Weir and their families. The first tour kicked off in December 2003 and shortly after a second duck was purchased from Queenstown, NZ. A third duck has been purchased from Oregon, USA and should be operational in the future.

Fun, entertaining, a ‘little bit different’ – all reasons why Rotorua Duck Tours has gone on to become so well-known. Now rather famous throughout Rotorua and wider New Zealand – although Trev & Pete are a little too modest to admit it! – the tours are seen as a Rotorua ‘Must Do’ and thousands of visitors have enjoyed their unique offering.


Our vehicles have been converted fully to comply with strict New Zealand Land Transport Association (LTSA) and the Maritime Safety Authority (MSA) safety regulations. The Duck complies to the same standards as a Passenger Service Vehicle and goes through Vehicle Testing six monthly. Our current PSL vehicle rating is 4.5.

Rotorua Duck Tours is also government by strict Maritime New Zealand standards. We are audited every two years by Maritime New Zealand, we also have an independent auditor assess us annually to ensure the best possible safety standards are being meet.

Rotorua Duck Tours also maintains the vehicles daily with a robust set of checks and maintenance that staff have to go through and signoff. Our drivers also undertake a rigorous training programme designed to prepare them for any situations that may arise on the duck. The training period is a 3-6 month training process and includes Maritime New Zealand approved training which is both in-house and external.

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