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The Most Engaging Tours in Rotorua

To me an engaging tour is one that both entertains and informs while leaving me with a lasting experience. It’s a fine balance to find. There are many tours in Rotorua but there are some that can really be considered as ‘Engaging Rotorua tours’. Here are some that I have experienced that really excel in finding that balance.

Rotorua Duck Tour

I want to start by talking about ourselves. As I mentioned I know what an engaging tour is to me and this is one of the reasons that I love what we do. We have created two tours that are both incredibly informative, delivered in an entertaining manner so you both laugh and learn AND we have New Zealand’s only genuine WW2 landing crafts. All of these things combined create a genuinely engaging journey that is loved by all ages! Our guides are our biggest attraction. They are experts in delivering content that is both entertaining and educational and finding that balance between humor and information. You just have to experience it for yourself!

Check out our tours here.

Families enjoying the Duck Tour
Families enjoying the Duck

Rotorua Canopy Tours

Another company that has found a balance between entertainment and education. You get to experience the thrill of flying down zip lines while being educated about native New Zealand flora and fauna. It’s the perfect combination of adrenaline pumping fun with true New Zealand information. Something that is really cool and i found engaged me in their tour was that part of the admission fee goes towards the preservation of the reserve in which the tour takes place. They demonstrate how quiet the forest was when they started their tours and how much bird life has since come back to the forest. Its unbelievable!

See more about what these guys do on their website here.

One of the epic swing bridges at Canopy Tours
One of the epic swing bridges on tour

Tamaki Maori Village

The perfect example of how interactive tours can be engaging for all ages. These guys take you into a real Maori village as it would have been hundreds of years ago. You literally feel like you’re in another world! Not only that but you actually take part in a traditional welcome followed by games, activities and stories before being treated to a top quality cultural show. You’ll learn new things, have a laugh and feel absolutely immersed in the culture. It’s an engaging tour for sure! Oh and the food at the end certainly helps!

Check out Tamaki Maori Village here.

Maori warriors at Tamaki
Maori warriors at Tamaki

There are many engaging tours in Rotorua but the ones that I have listed above are my favorites. When I was writing this blog I thought to myself, ‘what are the tours that I have done that I remember the most’ and these came to mind. The reason? They were so engaging that they were impossible to forget!

Do you have any memories of engaging tours in Rotorua? Let me know in the comments!


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