• Volcanic Eruptions in Rotorua. Level 1 Geography 1.1 – AS 91007

Geography Level 1 1.1 AS 91007 “Demonstrate geographic understanding of environments that have been shaped by extreme natural event(s)”.

Rotorua Duck Tours provides New Zealand teachers with the resources and educational experiences for students to explore volcanic eruptions in the Rotorua region. Focusing on the Tarawera Eruption of 1886, students will discover first-hand the results of the natural processes that shaped the region.

Through a tour of the Tarawera Lakes in an authentic, restored WWII Landing Craft, led by a knowledgeable and informative guide, students will have an interactive and exciting exploration of the key learnings required for AS 91007 “Demonstrate geographic understanding of environments that have been shaped by extreme natural event(s)”.

  1. Natural and cultural characteristics (features) of the environments that make them vulnerable to the extreme natural event(s)
  2. Natural processes that operate to produce the extreme natural event(s)
  3. Effects of the extreme natural event(s) on the natural environments
  4. Effects of the extreme natural event(s) on the cultural environments
  5. How different groups of people have responded to the effects of the extreme natural event(s).

Teaching and planning resources are provided, giving New Zealand geography teachers everything that they need to facilitate success in their Level 1 programme. For more information on the educational package offered by Rotorua Duck Tours, please email us today.

The Tarawera Lakes Tour

Students will participate in the Tarawera Lakes Tour to experience the volcanic Rotorua region first-hand, developing their own appreciation and understanding of the extreme events surrounding the Tarawera Eruption of 1886.

On this guided tour, students are provided with a worksheet to complete from the guides’ knowledgeable and informative talk during the tour and their own observations. Detailed information is given on the Rotorua Volcanic Area and the Tarawera Eruption and covers all aspects of the standard. There is space and time for the students to complete their own sketches to show the effects on the natural landscape.

The two-hour journey of discovery of Rotorua and its lakes region begins in central Rotorua where students will board their WWII Landing Craft and meet the Duck Tours guide who is in charge of the tour. On the way to the first lake visit, Lake Ōkāreka, the guide will give background information on past volcanic activities in the Rotorua region and the effects on the natural and cultural environment which students can see first-hand from the windows of the Duck.

Next, we journey out past the Sacred Lake Rotokākahi (the Green Lake) to see the magnificent volcanic domes of Mount Tarawera. The second plunge will be into Lake Tarawera where students will hear the stories of the devastation of that fateful day of the eruption in 1886. After cruising Tarawera for 15 minutes students can disembark for the opportunity to sketch and photograph the Tarawera environment – bringing the experience to life and cementing the day’s learnings.

The return trip brings into view Te Wairoa (The Buried Village) before splashing down into Tikitapu (the Blue Lake) for the third lake visit. Finally, the homeward leg takes students past Rotorua’s burgeoning Te Whakarewarewa Forest back to the sulphurous aroma of Rotorua.

Provided Resources

  • Achievement Schedule and content for Geography Level 1 1.1 AS91007 “Demonstrate geographic understanding of environments that have been shaped by extreme natural event(s)”
  • Student worksheet for Tarawera Lakes Tours. (Answers provided for teacher reference)
  • Guided Tarawera Lakes Tour by Rotorua Duck Tours


Contact Information

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  • “Highly recommend this tour for families, Shaun was our guide, had so much fun, laughter music and learnt alot about Rotorua Lake District. If you are thinking of doing it - do it you will not regret it.”

    A quacking great tour!

  • “The entire experience of booking on iSite, boarding the tour, very friendly and child attentive tour operator Sean, my children ages 12 & 9 loved the entire 2 hours and so did my wife and me. Even the safety drill was conducted so well, the children and adults had a short stint at the wheel in the lakes, made them feel really special. The tour operators choice of music was excellent too. Not a moment was wasted on this lovely journey!”

    Family, Fun & Stunning Views of the Lakes of Roturua

  • “My sister and I took my two kids on a 90 minute tour which included going onto the Blue and Green Lakes. It was so much fun. We had a driver and tour guide that were a lot of laughs. The kids found it so entertaining and there were plenty of facts and info for adults too. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for something different to do.”

    Had an absolute blast

  • “We had an awesome time on our duck boat tour today - with a very entertaining tour guide (Shelly) who kept us laughing... the rain didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves either! Definitely recommend it! Thanks guys :)”

    Duck Boat tour

  • “What a great day we had. Our tour guide Marcus was very knowledgeable on the history of Rotorua. Had a great sense of humour with plenty of laughs, from start to finish, especially with our complimentary duck whistle. If your ever in Rotorua this is definitely a must do tour.”

    lots of laughs

  • “The Duck Tour is a very great opportunity to discover beautiful Rotorua and its surroundings. On a really funny tour we learned a lot and saw amazing landscape and lakes. Very unique because of this really cool vehicle, where else can you drive a duck on your own?! I would highly recommend the Duck to everybody who wants to have a special experience in Rotorua!”

    Rotorua from another nice perspective


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