Birthday Parties

1-3 hours

A fun birthday celebration

From $25pp based on length

Tailored Kids Birthday Parties

Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck

Aren’t you going to say goose?

Nope, because for the ultimate kids birthday party all you need is a duck!

For the quackiest kids birthday party for your young ones bring them to Rotorua Duck Tours! Take a ride on a World War 2 truck and then watch the joy on their faces as we splashdown into one of Rotorua’s stunning lakes! With birthday themed games and activities for the kids, the chance to have a drive of the Duck on a lake and of course the famous duck quackers, they will be the envy of all their friends.

For more info, questions or enquiries on how to book a tailor-made kids birthday party, contact us here.

Adult (big kid) Birthdays

As you get older it gets harder to hold onto that youthful feeling. Thankfully at Rotorua Duck Tours we never really grew up, so celebrate your birthday by bringing your mates out on a duck!

Head out onto some of Rotorua’s stunning lakes, enjoy a laugh, take part in birthday themed games and activities and feel like a kid again. We will even give you one of the famous duck quackers to play with when you get home.

We will also teach you some things about our amazing city but whether or not you retain that information is up to you, they tell us it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks but we’ll give it a crack!

We promise we won’t ask what age you are, but if your mates want to tell us – well, we can’t really stop them now can we?

For more info, questions or enquiries on how to book a custom adults birthday, contact us here.


The Ducks are now heated for cooler days! We have clear roll down sides and heaters on board the Duck. Our lakes are very sheltered and don’t get affected much by weather, if anything they get more beautiful! We are prepared for all weather!

Bookings are essential
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Or call 07 345 6522 to secure your spot
Tours depart from the Rotorua Duck Store at 1241 Fenton Street, opposite Amazing Thai.

Customer Reviews

Family, Fun & Stunning Views of the Lakes of Roturua

The entire experience of booking on iSite, boarding the tour, very friendly and child attentive tour operator Sean, my children ages 12 & 9 loved the entire 2 hours and so did my wife and me. Even the safety drill was conducted so well, the children and adults had a short stint at the wheel in the lakes, made them feel really special. The tour operators choice of music was excellent too. Not a moment was wasted on this lovely journey!

Warren D

Mumbai (Bombay), India

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