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Rotorua Duck Tours is a unique, entertaining and educational adventure that will leave a lasting impression on your school group long after their return to the classroom.

Your pupils will experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride in an authentic World War II amphibious vehicle better known as a ‘Duck’. All while students experience and learn about the History, Culture and Geography of the city of Rotorua and the surrounding lakes region.

Suitable for school children of all ages from Primary to Secondary School we can customise our tours to meet your students learning objectives.

Rotorua Duck Tours provides an exciting learning experience for the younger ones. Splashing down into the lake waters and driving out again is a thrilling and memorable experience. Chat to us about how we can tailor-make an educational experience your students will remember forever!

For Secondary schools, Rotorua Duck Tours meets the New Zealand curriculum education needs for the subjects of Geography, History, Science and Education for Sustainability.

Please see the outline of each tour below to see the specific achievement objectives that can be met during an educational trip with Rotorua Duck Tours.

Rotorua Duck Tours has many different options to choose from

  • Rotorua City & Lakes (90 Mins)
  • Tarawera & Lakes Tour (120 Mins)
  • Lakes Quality Tour
  • Saving the Lakes Powerpoint Presentation
  • Mix and Match Tour
  • Rotorua Duck Tours Lunch Options

A typical adventure with Rotorua Duck Tours includes:

  • An interactive and educational commentary by our trained conducktor
  • ‘Splashdown’ into some of Rotorua’s most spectacular lakes
  • FREE gift, the famous duck quacker, to interact with people on the street

Achievement Objectives from Geography, History, Education for Sustainability and Science include:


  • Identify some important natural and cultural features of the landscape.
  • Understand how specific geographical features were formed such as volcanic and geo thermal features.
  • Understand the natural and cultural processes that have shaped the environment.
  • Understand how people interact with the natural environment and the consequences of such interactions for people and the environment.
  • Understand how people’s values and perceptions influence decision making processes such as Tourism development and identify how change has occurred in Tourism Development.


  • Identify major events and people in Rotorua’s history.
  • Understand Maori migration settlement and life in the Rotorua region. Education for Sustainability
  • Evaluate measures that have been taken to sustain natural resources and the effect on the sustainability of these environments.


  • Investigate external and internal processes that have shape and change the surface features of New Zealand
  • Develop an understanding of the causes of natural hazards and their interactions with human activity on Earth.

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