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Rotorua Day Trip – An Itinerary

If you’re within driving distance of Rotorua I highly recommend coming here for a Rotorua day trip. You can achieve so much here in the space of 24 hours and with most accommodation only being an hour or two away that leaves you a huge amount of time here to create memories that will last a lifetime. I’ve laid out my ultimate day trip itinerary below.

Rotorua Day Trip: 9am – Arrive in Rotorua and have breakfast/brunch at Third Place Cafe

First of all the food at Third Place is amazing, there is something for the whole family and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The main reason I suggest coming here though is the view! From the huge windows you overlook the geothermal village of Ohinemutu, St Faiths Church and of course Lake Rotorua. You can fuel yourselves for the day ahead and really get a taste of what Rotorua is with our stunning geothermal landscapes. You’ll be itching to get onto your next phase of the Rotorua day trip after getting this snapshot of what we are all about.

A great view to start a Rotorua Day Trip

The view from 3d place cafe

Rotorua Day Trip: 10am – Experience the wild world of 3d trick art

You’ve just driven to Rotorua and you’ve just had breakfast so you need something pretty low-key to start your Rotorua day trip. A walk around the 3D trick art gallery is the perfect solution! All ages love this place. You’ll see some of the best illusions and the best part it is interactive! You can literally become part of the artwork! Talk photos of the family or your partner at funny angles and marvel at the final product. It’s mind bending, interactive and hilarious!

See more here: www.3dtrickart.co.nz

Girl taking a photo on one of the trick art pieces during a Rotorua Day Trip

Incredible interactive artwork!

Rotorua Day Trip: 11.30am – Roll down the hill in a Zorb

Conveniently a couple of minutes away from the Trick Art Gallery is one of the icons of Rotorua and New Zealand – Zorb! A must do during any Rotorua day trip. If you haven’t heard of it you slide into a giant inflatable ball that’s built on site and roll down the hill! I can’t stress how much fun these things are, it’s so hard to write about because rolling down the hill in a ball doesn’t sound as amazing as it really is! You’ll laugh, slide and you can get footage at the end that will make you laugh even harder. One of the coolest things is the view from the top of the hill overlooking lake Rotorua before you slide into your Zorb. They have a few tracks to choose from so there is something for everyone.

See more here: www.zorb.com

Rolling down the hill in a Zorb on a Rotorua Day Trip

Zorb – a national icon

Rotorua Day Trip: 1pm – A quick bite for lunch at Gold Star Bakery

You had a big breakfast so a quick bite for lunch will get you through the rest of the afternoon. A place that I have spent a lot of my time is Gold Star Bakery located opposite the Rotorua I-Site. These guys have won several awards for their pies at the pie awards and I can personally tell you that it is well deserved! They have more flavors to choose from that I would have ever thought could have existed! As well as this they have other hot food, cakes, pastries and everything you could possibly need to get through your afternoon.

Gold Stat Bakery shop front

Look for this sign near the I-site

Rotorua Day Trip: 1.30pm – Go for a spin at Katoa Rotorua

Come on, what’s not to love about jet boats? Owned and operated by locals Katoa is the only place to experience the power of these boats in central Rotorua. When it comes to a Rotorua day trip it’s something that you won’t forget! Jump on board and head out across our mighty lake doing incredible spins at high speeds. Go across to Mokoia Island and hear about this incredible bird sanctuary that is also historically significant, explore the geothermal sulphur bay and much more. It’s an incredible trip that everyone will love!

See more here: www.katoalakerotorua.co.nz

Katoa Jet Boat doing a spin

Go for a spin!

Rotorua Day Trip: 3.30pm – Explore the lakes on a Tarawera and Lakes Duck Tour

The perfect way to unwind after the high speed thills is by joining us on a Duck Tour. A chance to relax during your Rotorua Day Trip. This tour is a two hour journey that explores the lakes district of Rotorua. We have 18 stunning lakes in our district and on this tour you will talk about 6 of them, see 4 and most important of all, you’ll experience going from land to lake on 3 different lakes including lake Tarawera which is home to the volcano that changed our history in 1886. We operate New Zealand’s ONLY genuine WW2 landing crafts and given our stunning natural landscapes, geothermal features and lush native forests you can’t experience something like this anywhere else in the world. Not only are the sights amazing but our guides will have you in fits of laughter as they teach you about the lakes district in a way that only they know how.

See more here: www.rotoruaducktours.co.nz/tours/tarawera-lakes-tour/

Duck going into the water

From land to lake without leaving your seat!

Rotorua Day Trip: 6pm – Dinner at Eat Streat

Located at the lake end of Tutanekai Street (the main street in town) you’ll find a huge V shaped roof, cool lights and a bunch of incredible eateries. This is Eat Streat, a block entirely dedicated to hospitality. So no matter what your tastes are you’ll be able to find something here. From Indian to shared platters to pub food to pizzas it’s all here.

Eat Streat by night

The lights at Eat Streat

Rotorua Day Trip : if you have time after dinner – Experience the giant Redwoods from the Redwoods Treewalk

Simply a great way to end your Rotorua Day Trip. If you don’t feel like driving back to your home or accommodation after dinner you have to experience this activity. Walk along specially built platforms built between hundred year old giant Redwoods. At this time of the day it will be twilight and the light will be shining through the canopy of the forest and it will be absolutely beautiful. The perfect end to a Rotorua day trip.

See more here: www.treewalk.co.nz

Redwoods Treewalk

Walk among giant redwoods

Time to head home

As in the name ‘day trip’ sadly any Rotorua Day Trip must come to an end. That is until next time! This is just one way to experience a day in Rotorua but there are plenty of other options to fit any budget or preference. If you want any more information get in contact with us on Facebook or through our website.


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