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Rotorua with toddlers: The best ideas for the family

I don’t have any kids of my own but a large majority of my friends do. One of the things I hear from the ones that have toddlers is that it’s hard to keep them entertained on holiday. I’ve combed the internet and talked to my friends and together we have come up with our list of top Rotorua activities or things to do with kids.

Animal Parks and Shows

Rotorua families love the fact that we have so many awesome animals to see and interact with. When you visit Rotorua with your family make sure you experience as many as you can! The ones I would recommend are; Rainbow Springs, The Agrodome and Paradise Valley Springs. You’ll see Kiwis, reptiles, lions, sheep shearing shows and so much more. The kids will love it and you will have a blast as well. These experiences are the ultimate day out for Rotorua families. See the links below to see the parks for yourselves.

The Agrodome

Paradise Valley Springs

Rainbow Springs


There are two reasons that I recommend this attraction for families. Firstly there is the maze, which even for a toddler is an appropriate level of walking (provided you don’t get too lost). The maze also has the added benefit of allowing your little one to play the role of explorer and we all know how much toddlers like to be in charge! The other added bonus is that it will tire them out while they are having fun. The other cool thing about Amaze-Me is that they have a little area with some big bunnies, birds and other cool little animals for you to see. Amaze-Me is a great way to spend a couple of hours or more when you visit Rotorua with the family.

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Rotorua Mini Golf

One of the best mini golf courses I’ve ever been to! They’ve got giant rabbits, cool lights and the course itself is great fun for the whole family. You can also play at night for a very different mini golf experience. On top of that there is a V8 simulator for Dad! Oh and did I mention the giant rabbits! I had to mention these twice because the kids will love them!

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Te Puia

I am yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love a geyser, or anything exploding for that matter. Te Puia not only has geysers that erupt but they also put on an awesome cultural experience. You’ll get treated to a show in their whare (meeting house) featuring traditional stories and songs. You can walk around the park freely at your own pace seeing the geysers, mud pools and other geothermal areas as well as many cultural artefacts. Te Puia is great because you can go at your own pace, or your kids pace, and there is plenty to see! A great day out for the family when you visit Rotorua.

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Rotorua Duck Tour

As much as it may sound bias the Duck is a great activity for the whole family. The kids love the fact that they are in a WW2 landing craft and that the truck can turn into a boat! The adults love it because you get to see some amazing sights and hear the history of the area from a unique perspective. Honestly you know as well as I do that I could rattle on about the Duck all day so see more at the link below and see for yourself!

Our Tours

So just because you have toddlers keeping you on your toes it doesn’t mean you can’t experience Rotorua. Finding something to do with the family and especially the younger kids does not need to be difficult. Rotorua has plenty of things to do with kids. Get out, explore and create some memories with the family. For more ideas check out some of my other family blogs. You can find these blogs here.

  • “Highly recommend this tour for families, Shaun was our guide, had so much fun, laughter music and learnt alot about Rotorua Lake District. If you are thinking of doing it - do it you will not regret it.”

    A quacking great tour!

  • “The entire experience of booking on iSite, boarding the tour, very friendly and child attentive tour operator Sean, my children ages 12 & 9 loved the entire 2 hours and so did my wife and me. Even the safety drill was conducted so well, the children and adults had a short stint at the wheel in the lakes, made them feel really special. The tour operators choice of music was excellent too. Not a moment was wasted on this lovely journey!”

    Family, Fun & Stunning Views of the Lakes of Roturua

  • “My sister and I took my two kids on a 90 minute tour which included going onto the Blue and Green Lakes. It was so much fun. We had a driver and tour guide that were a lot of laughs. The kids found it so entertaining and there were plenty of facts and info for adults too. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for something different to do.”

    Had an absolute blast

  • “We had an awesome time on our duck boat tour today - with a very entertaining tour guide (Shelly) who kept us laughing... the rain didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves either! Definitely recommend it! Thanks guys :)”

    Duck Boat tour

  • “What a great day we had. Our tour guide Marcus was very knowledgeable on the history of Rotorua. Had a great sense of humour with plenty of laughs, from start to finish, especially with our complimentary duck whistle. If your ever in Rotorua this is definitely a must do tour.”

    lots of laughs

  • “The Duck Tour is a very great opportunity to discover beautiful Rotorua and its surroundings. On a really funny tour we learned a lot and saw amazing landscape and lakes. Very unique because of this really cool vehicle, where else can you drive a duck on your own?! I would highly recommend the Duck to everybody who wants to have a special experience in Rotorua!”

    Rotorua from another nice perspective


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