• Saving the Rotorua Lakes. Level 2 Geography 2.6 – AS 91245

Geography Level 2 2.6 AS 91245 “Explain aspects of a contemporary geographic issue”.

Rotorua Duck Tours has developed a tour and supplementary resources to provide New Zealand teachers with an exciting and thought-provoking topic for the Geography Level 2 2.2 Achievement Standard: “Explain aspects of a contemporary geographic issue”. Focusing on the water quality of Rotorua’s lakes, students will have the chance to examine the impact of the topic first-hand, offering invaluable context and insight into the issue.

Through a special tour of the lakes and land of Rotorua in a unique amphibious WWII landing craft, led by informative and enthusiastic guides, students will have a chance to get a deeper understanding of the past and current context of the issue.

A 45-minute presentation of “Saving the Rotorua Lakes”, created by Environmental Bay of Plenty, will help students be able to give informed and reasoned explanations for future courses of action.

Additional student resources for the Achievement Standard are available, including collected opposing viewpoints on the water quality issue, a questionnaire for students to collect their own viewpoints and supporting evidence, and recommended websites for further reading and research.

A final assessment resource is provided, meeting all requirements for this internally assessed achievement standard. Additional notes are provided for alternative assessment opportunities to be used at the teachers discretion. This complete set of resources give New Zealand teachers everything that they need to facilitate student excellence in their Level 2 geography programme. For more information on the educational package offered by Rotorua Duck Tours, please contact us today.

The Lakes Quality Tour


Provided Collateral

  • Assessment Schedule for Geography Level 2 2.6 AS91245 “Explain aspects of a contemporary geographic issue”
  • Assessment Notes for Level 2 geography teachers
  • Full Assessment Task for Geography Level 2 2.6 AS91245 “Explain aspects of a contemporary geographic issue”
  • Resource – Collected viewpoints / evidence
  • Resource – Questionnaire for self-collection of viewpoints / evidence
  • Resource – Selected online sources for evidence / research
  • Resource – Saving the Rotorua Lakes PowerPoint Presentation
  • Lakes Quality Tour by Rotorua Duck Tours


For more information on the Lakes Quality Tour, and comprehensive 2.6 Geography Achievement Standard resources from Rotorua Duck Tours, please email us today, and once of our representatives will be in contact.