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My Best Value Rotorua Tours

People find value in different ways. For me value doesn’t always mean the cheapest, if the price reflects what I can get out of my experience then I consider the tour to have ‘value’. Below I have added what I believe to be some of the best value Rotorua tours based on my own personal experience.

Rotorua Duck Tours

Ok this time I am just going to mention this first. I know I sound like a broken record promoting our own tour on my blogs, but at the end of the day this is ‘best value Rotorua tours’ and we genuinely believe that a ride on the Duck is one of the best value Rotorua tours around!

The Duck offers value simply because of how much you get in one package! You get the thrill of driving in New Zealands ONLY genuine WW2 landing crafts splashing down into our beautiful lakes, you get an in depth commentary about the history of our district and you’ll see the amazing sights that Rotorua has to offer! It’s the whole package if you want to explore Rotorua.

To Book: Call us on 07 3456522 or come and see us at 1241 Fenton Street, Rotorua.

The Redwoods and Redwoods Treewalk

Enjoy a nice relaxing walk through the #1 rated attraction in Rotorua on TripAdvisor, the Redwoods Forest. Best part, it’s completely free to enjoy the largest plantation of the California Redwood (Sequoia) tree outside the state of California. There are tracks from 20mins to 8hours so there is something for everyone. If you are looking for the ultimate Rotorua Sightseeing experience honestly I can’t stress how awesome this place is, it’s one of the things you have to do when you visit Rotorua. You’ll be lost in the beauty of this place, it’s somewhere I spend a lot of my own personal time.

While you’re there it’s worth spending a few dollars to check out the Redwoods Treewalk. A series of 23 suspension bridges suspended between the 100 year old Redwoods providing a whole new perspective of the forest. You’ll also find information on the viewing platforms on the way around adding to the experience even further.

Just a quick note if you are near this area again after dark then check out the nightlights that have been installed, its truly magical, kind of like being lost in a fairy tale!

To Book: Book at the Redwoods I-site, right next to the entrance to the tree walk. The forest is free for anyone to use at any time!

Kuirau Park, Government Gardens and Ohinemutu

Generally when people think of value they think of cheap or free, thankfully Rotorua attractions can deliver in this regard!

My suggestion, if you get a nice day, is to have a walk or a bike around town.

You could start at Kuirau Park which is in the center of town where you’ll see mud pools and find a few cool walking tracks. From there you can walk down to Ohinemutu and see a traditional Maori village nestled right on the Rotorua lakefront, you’ll also see the iconic, Tudor style, St Faiths Church which is a sight to behold considering it’s location. From there pop up to the Government Gardens where you’ll find iconic buildings, information placards beautiful gardens, amazing walking tracks and so much more. Best part?? Everything I just mentioned is free!!

To Book: Get out of bed and go and see some things!!

Hire An Electric Bike

I consider this to be amazing value because it opens up so many doors for exploring Rotorua!

These bikes can travel up to 90km at a max speed of just over 30kmph. Because they are also mountain bikes you can cover any type of terrain! So lets take a look at some of the thigns I’ve already outlined. You can add value to your trip around town to Ohinemutu, Kuirau Park and the trails around the area, you can take an electric bike into the Redwoods and experience the trails there. Or you can simply explore! The city becomes so much more open as soon as you jump on one of these bikes!

To Book: Head to the Electric Bikes, Rotorua store at 1265 Fenton Street right in the heart of the city.

Tamaki Maori Village

This is the most expensive tour on my list today but I still consider it to be amazing value because it gives you an amazing insight into the Maori culture!

You’ll be taken to a traditional Maori village where you’ll learn about the Maori way of life, play traditional Maori games, hear authentic Maori legend stories AND you’ll get to see the lifting of the hangi, food cooked on hot rocks buried underground and then you’ll also get a full hangi meal!! So much in one package has to be considered value!!

To Book: Visit, call them on 07 3492999 or visit the office at 1220 Hinemaru Street.

Value is fairly subjective. What I have outlined above are tours that I myself have done and find to be great value If you need any tips or ideas when you visit Rotorua feel free to get in contact with the Duck team and we will point you in the right direction.

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